• Therapy services

Therapy services


Welcome to my cosy cabin! Based at the bottom of my garden in Coates, Cirencester and built around a sycamore tree the cabin is a peaceful retreat where we can work together to help you to find balance, solutions and answers. If we are meeting online, this is the room I wil be calling from.

I work with hypnotherapy, Reiki and EFT tapping therapy using an empathic coaching style. It is important to me to fully understand you, your reasons for seeking therapy and finding the best way to work together to achieve your goals. 

Common reasons for coming to therapy include, but are not limited to

  • menopause support
  • anxiety management
  • stress management
  • lifestyle changes
  • overcoming previous trauma
  • building a positive self-relationship
  • quitting habits
  • beating a phobia
  • emotional coaching for children

 During your initial consultation appointment we will talk about why you have come to therapy and I will build a picture of how therapy can be tailored to suit your needs. It may be that a blend of each of my therapy services would suit you best, no matter the approach, the pricing remains the same, so you can be assured that you will be getting the right plan for you.

Therapy is usually at it's best when we agree to meet weekly at a set time. The amount of sessions required will depend on what we are working with and this will be discussed at your initial appointment.

Client testimonial

"Jodie's thorough and well instructed approach to tapping enabled new self coping mechanisms. Her combination of Reiki and Hypnotherapy gave a holistic experience and had positive and transformative effects." - Reuben Turkie: RT Counselling