• HypnoticReiki

HypnoticReiki - the benefits of hypnosis and Reiki combined

What is HypnoticReiki?

A wonderfully soothing experience, HypnoticReiki balances the deep relaxation of hypnotherapy with the energy therapy of Reiki.

The hypnosis can deepen the relaxation to allow you to fully engage with the flow of Reiki energy. Reiki energy can help the physical energy aid the emotional repair gained from the hypnosis. As you can see, the two modalities combined create an incredibly powerful experience.

What happens during a HypnoticReiki session?

It is my pleasure to create a unique treatment package for each client, meaning that during your time with me you will receive the best course of therapy to suit your needs.

Our sessions will begin with an initial consultation session. During this session I will find out about your reason for coming to therapy, other therapies you may have already received, your likes and dislikes. I will use this information to write your own hypnotic script, personalised to you. The initial session will also include some relaxation through hypnosis and Reiki to give you a taster of what will come in your subsequent visits and begin your journey of healing. You may be seated, or choose to lie on my treatment couch for the session.