• Energy Therapy

Energy Therapy - allow the body to restore and flourish

I am a huge fan of energy therapy, as I believe that we are all made of energy and that by regulating our energetic flow, we can make a big difference to our bodies, our health and our well-being. I have been a Reiki practitioner since 2013 and have gradually studied further energy therapy disciplines. I love the gentle healing power of Reiki and the blend of energy and psychology in the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Bespoke healing therapy plan

I believe that these healing therapies complement each other well and can be used in combination with hypnotherapy to create a bespoke healing therapy service. Please ask me about the way in which you can benefit from the therapies that I provide.

Each treatment session lasts for 1 hour. I always use the first session as a consultation session, with a shorter therapy time, each subsequent session will be more about the therapy with just a small time at the beginning of the session for you to let me know how things have been going since your last treatment.

Energy therapy pricing

Each 1 hour session costs £65.

Initital consultation 90 minutes, £65

Energy therapy client testimonial

"Jodie's thorough and well instructed approach to tapping enabled new self coping mechanisms. Her combination of Reiki and Hypnotherapy gave a holistic experience and had positive and transformative effects." - Reuben Turkie: RT Counselling