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Children's emotional coaching and hypnotherapy

I am delighted to be able to offer KidsMatters™ therapy, hypnotherapy designed especially for children, which I combine with my previous experience as an Emotional Literacy Support Assistant to provide emotional coaching and hypnotherapy tailored to the needs of your child.

It might seem obvious, but children are not just mini adults, their understanding of the world around them and their ability to form solutions to life’s problems are dependent on their developmental stage, because of this the approach taken to working with children and hypnosis needs to be completely different to working with adults.

If you’ve clicked on this page, it’s likely that your own child is facing a difficulty that you feel may be able to be helped by hypnotherapy. As a parent, I know how difficult it is to see your child in any form of distress, and the desire to help them overcome challenging situations is very strong. I’d like to reassure you, that with KidsMatters™ and my background in education and emotional well-being in schools, I will use an approach that is fun and engaging for your child. Every child can leave their session with their own secret superhero power, a tool that they will be able to use for the rest of their life.

But what is hypnotherapy and is it safe for my child?

Hypnotherapy for children can look very different to hypnotherapy with adults and as such, should only be conducted by trained therapists. Hypnosis is a completely natural state, a lot like daydreaming, during this time I am able to help the child use their imagination in just the right way.

Adult hypnotherapy sessions are usually a lot longer than children's sessions as this suits the need of the child better. During your child's first session, I will get to know them, find out about their hobbies, interests, favourite TV show etc and create a bespoke therapy plan for them. Hypnosis often produces swift results, so we may not need very many sessions at all. 

What happens during a children's therapy session at Cotswold Healing Therapies?

I will ensure that each session is fun, we will include some games alongside the hypnotherapy and your child will not necessarily look like they have entered a trance state, as children are so often in the required state of imaginative play that there is no need for more traditionally observed states of hypnosis. The KidsMatters™ therapy has been used with children as young as three years old, but I believe that this therapy is best suited to children who are of school age and able to communicate their feelings and experiences.

How do I book?

I strongly believe that the best way to decide if this is the right treatment for your child is if we have a conversation about this, please contact me for a free no obligation telephone appointment so that we can decide if this could work for you and your child. A typical treatment plan will involve several sessions.

Children's therapy pricing

Each 40 minute session is £45, with 60 minute sessions available, if suitable at £65